WS 9000 Water Cooler

CleanContact™ technology infuses the touchpad and surrounding surfaces with an organic anti-microbial ingredient which protects against cross-contamination of germs in your workplace, providing a safer workspace for everyone.

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Anti-Microbial CleanContact™ Technology



Blue Caffé provides the purest, most affordable coffee and water service in the Triad and major surrounding cities!

For more than 30 years, Blue Caffé has provided North Carolina offices with great tasting purified water and gourmet coffee. We give our clients in Winston-Salem, Greensboro, High Point, Raleigh, and Charlotte the perfect pour with bottle-less water coolers and a variety of gourmet coffees. Blue Caffé offers the most popular coffee brands, the latest water and ice maker equipment, and exceptional service after the sale. Through our fixed pricing method, our pure filtered water and gourmet coffees will save you up to 30% over other bottled water and beverage services.



  • It takes 24-48 Hours to grow mold in the tank of your bottled water cooler
  • 90% or water coolers harbor dangerous biofilm bacteria.
  • What is hiding in your cooler?


  • Lifting 42lb five gallon bottles is a potential work related injury
  • Blue Caffe’s inline filtration eliminates the use of bottles
  • No bottles means no delivery issues and storage problems
  • Never run out of water!


  • Budgeting for your bottled water costs can be a nightmare
  • Usage fluctuates from delivery to delivery, month to month
  • Blue Caffe’ offers fixed rate billing and 60 month price guarantee
  • Blue Caffe’ typically saves customers 20-30% over bottled water costs


  • As simple as connecting your ice maker to your refrigerator
  • Blue Caffe’ has the most knowledgeable installers in the business
  • We can install, even if others have tried and failed
  • Customized solutions including Standard Filtration, Alkaline Filtration, or Reverse Osmosis


  • 17 billion gallons of oil make up the amount of bottles consumed each year
  • It takes 3 times more water to make a bottle than to fill it
  • No plastic waste, NO water waste
  • Blue Caffe’ offers an environmentally safe drinking solution


  • What’s more important when it comes to you health- price or quality?
  • Don’t be confused by offers of a “cheaper” option
  • Are you comparing apples to oranges?


  • 40% of bottled water sold is just plain tap water
  • Blue Caffe’ brings the bottled water processing plant to you
  • Blue Cafffe’ uses UV technology for continuous sanitation
  • Fresh and on demand purified water- cup after refreshing cup


  • We’ll plumb the purified water system to your coffee brewer
  • Try Blue Caffe’s own brand of coffee which is roasted, ground, and delivered Fresh to your location
  • Also available are brand names like Starbucks, Folgers, Keurig, ect.
  • Enjoy steaming, fragrant cups of delicious gourmet coffee without ever leaving the office!

We are an ARIBA Network Supplier. (This is an online billing and payment system that many large companies use.)