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We would like to hear from you! Our Account Executives offer onsite or virtual consultations. 

Blue Caffé's mission is to provide healthy drinking water and ice to businesses in a safe, sustainable and economical manner.

No Compromised Cleanliness

Antimicrobial Surface of the cooler will help to safe guard your business and prevent the spread of germs and viruses.

Lasting Quality

Fresh and on demand purified water- cup after refreshing cup.

Green Technology

No plastic waste as we offer an environmentally safe drinking solution.

Redefining Pure

Blue Caffé uses UV technology for continuous in tank sanitation to prevent the growth of biofilm bacteria.

No More Lifting Bottles

Blue Caffé uses inline filtration to eliminate the use of bottles. Never run out of Water!

Flat Rate Billing

Blue Caffé typically saves  20-30% over bottled water costs.