Ice Stations

Innovative Office Ice Solutions

Chewblet® ice, water, and now the newest a dition, sparkling water – Blue Caffé has an ice and water dispenser solution for every hydration need.

Blue Caffé has led the ice industry in manufacturing quality, innovative products. Blue Caffé ice and water dispensers exclusively feature Chewblet ice, a bite-sized nugget that adds a whole new dynamic to drinks. Enjoying iced coffees, teas, and other healthful drinks has never been more fulfilling.


Ice for Workplace Hydration

With over 50 models to choose from, Blue Caffé makes an ice and water dispenser for every application. Exclusive features include “install anywhere” drainless designs, countertop models that fit neatly under overhead cabinets, sanitary dispensing, and now sparkling water.

When you buy a Blue Caffé dispenser, you are buying Blue Caffé’s commitment to quality, durability, and unsurpassed performance. Welcome to the Evolution of Refreshment!

The Blue Caffé Advantage


Chewblet ice

Customer-preferred Chewblet ice makes all drinks more enjoyable and promotes better hydration.


Sparkling water

Delicious sparkling water is an option for select 7 and 15 Series dispensers.


Filtration systems

Blue Caffé offers a complete line of filtration systems designed for use with ice and water dispensers.


Simple maintenance

Each ice and water dispenser features a cleaning system designed to minimize the effort required to clean and sanitize the machine.


Built to last

Industry-exclusive features include proprietary jacketed evaporator assemblies to maximize heat transfer and increase efficiency. Blue Caffé supports every product with parts availability for 15 years after product discontinuation.


Better sanitation

Sanitary dispensing helps prevent contamination associated with scooping ice by hand. All Blue Caffé dispensers also feature antimicrobial protection in critical areas to inhibit the growth of bacteria on treated surfaces.