Water Purifier Filter

Let the pure, clean water flow through our bottleless water coolers!

Why deal with the inconvenience of bottled water delivery when you can have an endless supply of pure, premium filtered water? At Blue Caffé, we provide bottleless water coolers for your business. Our hygienic inline solution removes particulates from the your running tap water, which is then filtered through a unique 5-stage filtration process before being delivered into your cup.


Clean and dirty water in one glass isolated on white background

The issue with traditional water coolers

is that the inside of a 5-gallon water cooler will breed bacteria and algae. Because bottled water coolers draw air into the bottle, they will also draw in the bacteria from the air. So, if it’s in the air, it’s in your water. Because Blue Caffé’s water purifying system does not use bottles, you are guaranteed to have purified, pristine drinking water.

So there’s no bottle to lift, no bacteria to build up, no filters to change, no inventory to manage. Just pure, great tasting bottleless water flowing into your home or office! We can even direct the pure, filtered water straight into your coffee brewer!

  • No heavy bottles to lift
  • No inventory to store
  • No delivery trucks/personnel
  • No upfront costs
  • No employees lifting heavy bottles or cleaning the cooler
  • Pure filtered drinking water
  • Premium taste
  • Cooler disinfects itself
  • Endless supply of water
  • Guaranteed fixed pricing and flat rate billing
  • 60 month price guarantee
  • Attractive appearance
  • Experienced service team

In addition, installation is simple and we do it all!

  • Break Rooms
  • Warehouses
  • Doctor’s Offices
  • Lobby Areas
  • Manufacturing

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