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Brio 3000

BRIO 3000u Bottleless Water Cooler

Brio Point-of-Use Water Cooler with Reverse Osmosis System is an advanced water cooler that uses a high-efficiency reverse osmosis filtration system to eliminate contaminants and other organic matter. The durable and sleek design makes it compatible with all types of public spaces, such as warehouses, offices and break rooms. The top of the line cooler provides users with hot, cold and room-temperature water. The hot water spout comes with a child safety lock, so the whole family can use it worry free. It features a premium four-stage RO system, so consumers can expect nothing less than fresh water with every pour from the cooler.

Four Stage System:

  • Stage one: The micron sediment filter that traps sediment and other particulate matter, such as dirt, silt and rust
  • Stage two: The GAC filter ensures that chlorine and other contaminants that cause bad taste and odor are greatly reduced
  • Stage three: The semipermeable membrane effectively removes 99 percent of health-related contaminants, such as bacteria, viruses and pesticides
  • Stage four: The high-quality activated carbon filter is made of 100 percent pure coconut shell carbon and removes chlorine, organic chemicals and suspended particles.


WS 9000 Water Cooler

WS 9000 Bottleless Water Cooler

The substantial and high-profile design of the WS 9000 performs as strongly as it looks. It uses both touch activated buttons and ‘self-dispense pad’ control activation for ultimate user flexibility. Its 2.1 gallon stainless steel cold reservoir is perfect for larger offices and provides a generous amount of cold water. The WS 9000 is designed to fit any of our filter combinations within its base, giving a clean look. The WS 9000 has a self-contained leak detector.

  • LG parts and components
  • Touch activated sensor and self-dispense pad operation
  • Innovative design & technology
  • Large capacity stainless steel reservoirs
  • Enhanced alkalinity*
  • State-of-the-art filtration and sanitization*
  • Nutrient boost from added minerals*
  • Built-in leak detection system
  • Clean, fresh tasting water


ION Bottless Water Cooler

ION Sparkling Bottleless Water Cooler

An innovative appliance that replaces all the bottled water you could ever drink. Introducing the ION, the exciting new alternative to bottled water and soft drinks. Pure water refreshment at the touch of a button.At the source of every delicious sip is ION’s exclusive CarbonPro filter, reducing a wide range of contaminants, transforming ordinary tap water into a reliable source of endless enjoyment, at your home or office.
  • InstaChill™
  • Cooling Capacity
  • Rapidhot™
  • Sparkling Water
  • Quick Filter Changes
  • Energy Savings Mode
  • Touchscreen Technology
  • SodaPro Regulator
  • ION Microprocessor Control